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            We specialize in sample management, quality assurance with expertise in biomaterial storage and processing. Every detail in security and maintenance of our facility and storage units is scrutinized. In addition, we have several “jacketed” specimen quarantine tanks.  These tanks are constructed with an inner wall and outer wall creating a channel within which liquid nitrogen circulates creating a liquid free storage chamber with minimum temperatures of -185 °C/-301 °F.  This eliminates all possibility of cross- contamination, and allows us to safely store infected specimens. Maintaining critical cryogenic temperature of these materials is an essential element and the most important criteria in determining the logistics in transfer and storage issues.


            Having two cryogenic processing laboratories of our own has placed us in a position to understand the necessities of maintaining sensitive samples in a safe and efficient manner.  In addition, we offer processing services whether it be aliquoting, or control rate freezing of specimens. There are over 350,000 cryogenically preserved specimens stored at our facility.  These include but are not limited to sperm, embryos, umbilical cord stem cells, and bone marrow.

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