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Facility Information     


            We’ve incorporated a fully automated and monitored storage tank system with a 6,000 gallon liquid nitrogen bulk tank vacuum jacketed piping system.  Our critical temperature environments consists of:

  • Cold Room/Scientific Refrigeration:
  • 2 °C/35.6 °F to 8 °C/46.4 °F
  • Ultra Low/Ultra Cold:
  • -20 °C/-4 °F to -95 °C/-139 °F
  • Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Phase/Liquid Phase:
  • -135 °C/-211 °F to -190 °C/-310 °F

Cold Chain logistics are used to manage the span of pick up and delivery, handling, processing and storage at exact temperatures and conditions.


            Quality assurance records are maintained both manually and digitally.  All systems are protected under a security matrix which spans from an internal firewall to property alarms and 24-hour surveillance.  This includes an onsite and offsite data back-up system as well as an emergency power source alternative.